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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
I mostly do traditional hand sketches of mainly anything whether if it is creating my own OCs or just some fan art. I'm trying to do more of my own stuff rather than just fan art, though. I am a huge Alien (franchise), Tim Burton and Pink Floyd fan. Please give some feedback to my artworks and also give some suggestions on what I should draw. I hopefully will try and keep what I draw varied in themes and styles and will also sometimes submit not just drawings. Check out my watchers and friends, they do awesome art as well.


So there is this and two other questions I'd like to ask, those being do you like more new things or more tiebacks into the old (using old techniques and relying on nastlgia a bit) the second other thing, which I know should belong in one of the art forums, is do you prefer doing and looking at practical or digital, now I know that for the second question, people might say, a balance of both, but if you were to choose one, then what would it be?
I know I do, plus, there's proof that games do so much better when they are on the Switch, take Shovel Knight for example; that game sold more copies on the Switch that any other console/handheld combined!
Chess Table
Well, here's my last wood work project that I have worked on at school, I am very happy with how it turned out (by the way, if you can't tell, the middle section is in a hexagonal shape), though one minor thing that I could've done better would be to want some of it a bit more, but oh well, other than that, it turned out great!
Well, this took a while, but I'll probably be submitting more deviations around the 22nd of September! and yes, this is yet another Xenomorph to add to my gallery, but, oh well, just can't have enough Xenomorphs in your life, can you?
Here are some other Aliens from the Alien franchise:…
I haven't watched the original when I was a kid, but I've been just starting to watch it now, and I love it especially the theme song. One thing that I think I don't really like is the lack of Donald and how Webby can be a bit annoying at times, but it seems like their having more Donald in this reboot and making Webby be a bit of a tomboy. One thing that I'm not sure about Huey, Dewey and Louey's appearances and voices. I think I'll get used to the voices eventually, though it does single out Donald from nobody understanding him, though I'm not sure about just one of them having a hat, I think all of them should. What do you guys think of the new Duck Tales reboot, I'm also not sure about the new peole who sing the new theme song, I like the older theme song better. Also, if anyone can find out when this show is airing in Australia, it'll be much appreciated, thnx (I've been having a bit of trouble)


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